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Six Trends in Digital Marketing in 2020

The digital marketing has become an asset tool for all the business people who are running their business online. Seo and Smm are the 2 keys to making Digital marketing the best source of making your business set on online platforms. There are a lot of trends in digital marketing which keep changing and updating. Through SEO, you may enhance exposure and organic traffic, as well as establish a brand through your social media presence.


Marketing automation can help you save time and create a more tailored experience for your customers. PPC management can help cross the line of google rank on search engine result pages. Let’s discuss 7 trends of digital marketing in 2020:


Chatbots will remain to be an essential element of digital marketing from 2019-2022. It’s basically an AI-based technology that practices doing instant messaging to chat 24/7 with your clients or site users or visitors. Chatbots established out a recurring presence on Facebook in the tens of thousands for various jobs through 2018 and 2019. Modern software supports everything from delivering weather reports to automating some basic customer service activities. Bots allow users to have personalized, targeted conversations without compromising limited human resources.

Video Marketing

Video as Marketing and Promotion source is still on and will stay up to next coming years as well. If we talk about reels on Instagram, it is the trendiest video marketing process in today’s time. Video marketing is extremely compelling, particularly when it is done live.

When paired with influencer marketing, live streaming is a successful digital marketing tool. Hosting a live stream with an influencer who is immediately responding to comments is a significant pull for viewers, whether it’s the new generation of social media influencers or conventional sources like stars, sportsperson, and singers.


Efficient Bidding on Google Ads


Paid advertising will be a much more recognized force in 2021, as heated competitiveness on social media gradually smothers organic reach. When you examine Google Ads’ Smart Bidding function, you’d be an idiot not to give it a shot. In other words, advertisers may take over control of their pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to Google’s AI system, which will optimize their expenditure to maximize return on investment.


Content Marketing works forever

As we all know that content is a king of digital marketing platforms. Although there is a growing importance on finesse in content, content marketing remains an important aspect of digital marketing. Quality will always be important, but there is now a strong focus on context and trying to target.


Marketers must consider their target demographic and how they can adapt content more accurately in 2020 as Google develops a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of online material. The greatest examples of content marketing are quora postings, guest blogs, etc. Google made several significant changes to its search algorithm in November 2019. The new BERT system was one of the upgrades, and it’s aimed to help Google comprehend the simple language that individuals use in their search results. “Instead of chasing the modern Seo trends,” Google advises, “it’s more significant to emphasize a webpage has super – fast, links pointing, and very well content.”


Essential Semantic Keyword Research

It’s great to induce out a 5,000-word post every other day. But if you don’t consider user intended, you won’t get the outcomes you want. Always look for the most researched words on google in contents. Search intent or keyword intent is the foremost purpose that a person has when they type a search query. It can be used to find a product, data, or store location. Consider how Google evaluates your material. The search engine evaluates the content of a query and delves it down to understand the user’s search intent, rather than only evaluating keywords in a search box.


Digital marketers can take advantage of this by adding relevant keywords, queries, and words in their article in addition to their primary keyword. These hidden semantic keywords when combined will provide Google with a far greater understanding of the quality of your blog and give perks to its visitors and users.


Image SEO for visual searches

Do you know about Infographic and adding alt tags to images all these are the trend of making your business rise on the digital platform. When more users become aware of these visual search tools, the landscape of SEO as a whole shift.

People can use Google Lens to take a picture of anything they wish to buy and get search results that send them straight to the product page. You’ll want to make sure your picture and video SEO strategies are in tip-top shape to take advantage of the rising number of visual searches. Use HD images and target SEO keywords, include alt tags, and create a dedicated image sitemap.



These moving constituents always keep changing as new technology approaches, and seemingly endless Google and Facebook algorithm modifications keep many digital marketing teams updated.

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